Curb So Good Wedding

This the the central location for all the things you need to know about The Curb So Good / Sarah Coleshaw and Cody Kurz wedding.

General Information


August 12th, 2017


Coleshaw Acreage

Bring your swimsuit

Outdoor, 4ft deep pool. Also bring any swimming accessories you want or need.


Casual dress. Whatever you would like.


We are providing the meat for the Saturday dinner, as well as the cake. Please bring 1 food item to supplement the Saturday Dinner, as well as food for other meals you need.


Some seating will be provided. Please bring lawn chairs if possible.


Please Fill this out to let us know if you are planning on coming

Overnight Information

We are providing a camping area, with no water or electrical hookups. There are also hotels nearby, if you are willing to miss some party for a more comfortable bed.